Madrone | Cocktail Board


Approximately 8 x 8 in. 

Cocktail Board | Handy and convenient small board for many uses including cocktail garnishes, quick snacks, or fancy cheese plates.

Madrone | Hardwood, warm pinkish hue, extremely tight grain, probably our most durable board.  Madrone is our hardest and densest wood and therefore extremely durable to wear.

The dimensions listed here are not exact and represent the ballpark for each of our style categories.

Many of our boards have naturally occurring live edges which may also alter the dimension of 1 or 2 sides.

You may request to know the specific dimensions of any board before you purchase it, what you see here is a representative of each species and style that we carry.

Please note that you may not receive the specific board pictured here and that each board has unique grain characteristics which vary.

If I have the board in stock that you are purchasing, I will be able to get shipped within a few days.

If I need to make a board to fill the order, please allow up to 2 weeks for the board to be shipped to you.

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